Katie Martin
Account Director

Meet Katie Martin – a creative strategist, passionate entrepreneur, and office Bop-it champion. Another of Hamilton’s finest exports, Katie's journey led her to Wieden & Kennedy London where she helped shape global TV campaigns for Nokia and gained invaluable insights into the operations of renowned institutions like The Guardian.

In a leap of entrepreneurial spirit, Katie then returned home to launch a coffee roasting company in Mount Maunganui. Now she savours the satisfaction of a well-brewed coffee whenever her heart desires, while focusing more on business development and strategy.

Katie is committed to propelling regional brands to global success, and dreaming of a peaceful retirement on a tropical island. Outside work, she loves beach runs, spending time with her three kids, and mountain biking in Rotorua. She also makes a pretty mean birthday cake.

Katie Martin
"Just get sh*t done."
— Katie Martin