6 Adventures. 1 Box.

Croucher Brewery Grade 6 Mix


Define the Problem

Croucher is a craft brewery brand that reflects the company’s Rotorua origins, appealing to the large adrenalin-fuelled subculture in the region, largely based around the Redwoods biking trails. This mix six box is the first time their award-winning beers have been available in a variety pack – and their biggest opportunity to introduce themselves to a new generation of Croucher fans.

Design the Solution

Croucher is ‘the taste of discovery from the home of adventure’. This Grade 6 mix box reflects the adrenalin activities synonymous with Rotorua – celebrating the weekend warrior in every Kiwi! Its name and design are based on the most extreme grade of adventure in mountain biking – Grade 6 – which is typically denoted by black diamonds.

Deliver the Experience

A simple two colour diamond pattern differentiates from other beers on crowded shelves, while being more cost effective to produce. A range of typography styles representing each of the six varieties are featured on the side panel, with ‘warnings’ adding further personality alongside more functional information.



A taste of home

Messages implore the reader to explore the contents of the box.

Simply Iconic

Each red diamond features a different Rotorua activity.