Big nutrition for little mouths


Big nutrition for little mouths

Define the problem

When you’re a premium New Zealand pet food company catering to small pets in an Asian market, there are three things to focus on – size, location, and quality.

Design the solution

We chose the name iti, which means ‘little’ in Maori. As the indigenous language of New Zealand this provided a clear link and a great way to introduce the small meat for small pets story – which we reinforced through friendly, engaging messaging and a bright colour palette.

Deliver the experience

We used tradeshows to introduce iti to the Asian market, grabbing distributors and wholesalers’ attention through the brightest pet food stand and products they had ever seen.


iti Pet food Company


Identity and visual toolkit, Packaging, Marketing Material and Website.


From Pasture to Plate

Native flora illustrations were used as a design device to reflect the natural New Zealand story.

Little Pets. Bug Fun.

Messaging crafted to reflect the joy of owning a small pet.