Simply Magic

Little Genie


Define the Problem

Little Genie produce a range of premium biodegradable and compostable baby wipes using all-natural ingredients. Market insights showed that a lot of competitors used bold primary colours to indicate this was a child-friendly product, but what parents actually wanted was something that looked beautiful enough to display in a modern home setting.

Design the Solution

A less is more approach allows the packaging to communicate its core proposition of ‘Magic for your baby’s bottom’ without cluttering the space with too much information. This focus on simplicity ensures the ingredients stand out and that each package looks clean, premium and natural. Each communication touchpoint has also been reimagined to surprise and delight at every opportunity, including a hidden message under the lid, further adding to the magical quality of the baby wipes.

Deliver the Experience

The overall design aesthetic is simple and natural, with gold foiling to reflect the premium quality of these wipes. A range of pastel colourways inspired by each fragrance helps differentiate between the products at a glance, with more subtle natural hues allowing the product to sit nicely in any home environment. Bite size chunks of information communicate key messages in a more digestible way, while reinforcing the brand voice to engage and reassure parents they are making the best choice for their infant.


Little Genie

Subtle Layers

Each of the baby wipes has its own unique pattern inspired by the ingredients.

I can see clearly now

Large, clear icons make it easier to take in key information.