The sweet taste of sales success

Steens Honey Display

The Sweet Taste of Sales Success

Define the Problem

We were tasked to design DFS Galleria display for Steens Honey, so that it delivered their story in an exciting way and would appeal to the target audience of Chinese travellers.

Design the Solution

The biggest point of difference for Steens is their ‘cold extraction process,’ so this became a major focus for the messaging. We introduced the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating system into the display, educating the shoppers on the premium quality and what it means. We used UMF colour coding and tasting stations to engage customers and encourage them to ‘taste nature’.

Deliver the Experience

For added authenticity, real hive boxes were incorporated into the display, with the rustic element giving a finishing touch to the retail experience. The result: an increase in Steens’ sales by 91%!


Steens Honey


Display Stand


Best Awards Finalist 2015

Telling The Story

Tasting stations became storytelling platforms.

Modern Chic

Real hive boxes were treated to create a natural look.