For those who like it straight

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Armada Vodka is a premium New Zealand Vodka crafted in the Bay of Plenty. A spirit to rival the best in the business, Armada is a high quality, accessible vodka for the most discerning aficionado – with a less-serious price point.

Our challenge was to develop a brand for a startup distillery that would stand out on the shelf, symbolise premium quality, while also feeling approachable.


Strategy and Positioning - Story and Messaging - Brand Identity - Website Design - Packaging

Strategy and Positioning

Cut the Crap

Armada was started by two brothers who were jaded by marketing and advertising bollocks. We created a brand to celebrate this, playing with category conventions to poke fun at the pretentious perception of the industry.

Brand Identity

For those who like it straight

Armada’s identity explores the tension between simplicity and sophistication. Using a bold strikethrough effect to declutter our story, we reinforce a ‘no bulls**t’ attitude from an authentic, relatable brand. It’s about fitting in but not really caring if we do.


A life less ordinary

A spot UV finish adds a glossy texture to the label detailing – reflecting a crafted product full of surprises. An angled logo adds a point of interest, with bright blue chosen to launch a brand that isn’t afraid to march to the beat of its own drum.

“Working with these guys was a breath of fresh air in terms of marketing and design approach. Instead of making the process painful. They made it fun. Which is how business should be!”

— The Armada Spirits team

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