Stepping into the future

Papamoa College

Stepping Into The Future

Define the Problem

Papamoa College required a modern and edgy brand identity to complement their soon-to-be-built premises. The new identity required a robust and versatile look and feel, which would then be rolled out across multiple applications.

Design the Solution

The key inspiration was the circle and the “stepping stone” arcs in the logo icon. Before starting, it was clear the school architecture was very linear and geometric.

Deliver the Experience

Applying the circular shapes over the linear architecture helped to break up the repetitive linear shapes and provides a clear visual contrast – resulting in a very modern and contemporary look.


Papamoa College


Brand research - Strategy - Identity - Logo - Visual toolkit - Prospectus - Website - Exterior signage - Yearbook


NZ BeST Awards 2011, Bronze, Environmental Design


Contemporary Curves

Circles create a bold, dynamic focal point.

An Expressive Identity System

Splashes of vibrant orange and geometric shapes help connect the brand with the school.