Just the Truth

Just Avocados

Just the Truth

Define the Problem

For Just Avocados to differentiate themselves in the region’s saturated fruit industry, they needed a way to emphasise their unique status as the Bay’s only fully integrated service providers dedicated solely to avocados.

Design the Solution

The tagline ‘Just like you’ was developed to show that as growers themselves, they know what other growers need and want, making them feel more approachable.

Deliver the Experience

To highlight the brand integrity and growers-first focus, we pointed out the mistruths in the industry and demonstrated the brand’s authentic benefits. We used the campaign as an opportunity to engage directly with the growers, shining a light on false claims and being transparent with our own statements.


Just Avocados


Campaign Strategy - Creative and Design - Media Plan and Placement

Go where your customers are

We identified early on that 90% of the target audience still preferred to read the newspaper and trade magazines than the internet and spent at least 2 hours a day in a car. This gave us the insight for our media plan.

Honest Results

We created a message-driven campaign focused on integrity and based on research. The results were new growers switching to Just Avocados and existing growers staying put.