Rediscover the Wharf

Wharf Street


Lights, canapes, action…
Wharf Street has arrived!

Wharf Street is a newly designed outdoor dining experience found in the heart of Tauranga.

We put together a digital launch for the Wharf Street reopening, showcasing the variety of different cuisines and the stories behind them.


Campaign Strategy | Brand Story & Messaging | Photography | Campaign Rollout | Digital Marketing

Campaign Concept

Rediscover the Wharf

Traditionally a wharf is a place where people come to connect. We played on this idea to position new Wharf Street as the place where people come to meet and socialise in the heart of the city.

We created a design system that reflects how dynamic the street feels, and a tone of voice that captures the fun and excitement of friends catching up.

Our bespoke campaign photoshoot captures the essence of Wharf Street, bringing the people, experience and world-class food and beverage offering to life visually.


We wanted to capture the character of Wharf Street, the variety of food and introduce the people behind the restaurants and bars on the Street.


Our task was to develop a Tauranga City Council branded campaign that raised awareness of the newly developed Wharf Street and share the stories of the businesses on the street with the overarching goal to direct people to Wharf Street.