High performance people

Stellar Consulting


When we started working with Stellar Consulting, they were New Zealand’s leading independent data and analytics experts, with a brand identity that didn’t match their world-class offering.

In an industry where credibility and results are everything, our challenge was to develop a disruptive brand for Stellar that would position them as leaders in the field.


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Strategy & Messaging

The best in class

While most competitors focused on numbers and data, our research identified that customers were more interested in the human side of analytics. Home to some of the best analysts and strategists in the country, Stellar’s strong relationships were a key selling point for potential clients.

This insight enabled us to build on the idea behind the name ‘Stellar’ and position the brand as an elite team of experts that empower clients to achieve superior results.


High performance people

Inspired by high-performance athletes, Stellar’s new brand brings its people to the fore, visually and through engaging storytelling.

With a colour palette inspired by the night sky and a connector device based on the Southern Cross, Stellar’s identity reflects the way its people help businesses navigate their way in the dark by simplifying complex information and bringing important insights into the light.

“We wanted the brand and website to be that insightful window that provided a glimpse of the Stellar team before meeting us. WOODS did a fantastic, professional job, and we are delighted with the results.”