The taste of discovery

Croucher Brewery

The taste of discovery, from the home of adventure

Define the problem

After 13 years, it was time to refresh the Croucher look with a theme that reflected who they are and what they stand for. Through customer research we identified that the company’s Rotorua location, and adventurous flavours, were their unique story.

Design the solution

We took inspiration from the glory days of Rotorua’s tourism advertising – creating tongue-in-cheek illustrations as bold as the beer’s flavours. By capturing various iconic locations and activities, each label tells a slightly different story. The logo’s compass shape was carried through to the labels – reflecting the journey of discovery the drinkers go on.

Deliver the experience

As company who are adventurous with their flavours, Croucher knew they were different, they just didn’t know how to translate that difference into their brand. Through deciphering their unique story and creating a look that reflects it, we have given Croucher a strategy for all new flavours going forward.




Brand story - Naming strategy - Flavour names - Bottle labels - Box packaging - Tap badges - Bar posters

Illustrations as bold as the beers

Old 1960’s Rotorua tourism advertising inspired illustrations give each flavour their own personality.

Every bottle, A new adventure

Each bottle has a different story to tell – from the flavour description to the ‘warning’ label.

Life is short. Beer is awesome.

Which flavour will you discover first?