Taste the fun

Mr Kiwi & Mr Avocado

Taste the fun

Define the problem

We worked with Australasian produce company, Global Fresh, to create fun sub-brand characters for their kiwifruit and avocado.

Design the Solution

Mr Kiwi and Mr Avocado are more than names. They are the personality that represents each brand. We focused on creating quirky characters that speak to customers, bringing the fun element of the product to life, appealing to kids and adults alike – imploring them to taste the fun.

Deliver the Experience

These little guys provided a quirky new look for the packaging, stickers, and labelling – a refreshing change from the more conservative look that Global Fresh were used to.


Mr Kiwi & Mr Avocado


Research - Strategy - Brand identity - Packaging

A Little Family

The friendly characters belong together.

Keep It Green

The green colour palette was inspired by the insides of the fruit.