1000 years in the making

Rotorua Canopy Tours


New Zealand – Like You’ve Never Seen It

Rotorua Canopy Tours is your ticket to connect with New Zealand in a whole new way. Soar through the trees and experience the ancient forest up close and personal like never before. Get below the surface, above the trees, learn about the past and become part of our future – in an adventure like nothing else.

When New Zealand’s Supreme Tourism Award winner, Canopy Tours, launched a new major eco-tour experience in the Rotorua Forest, they needed a way to tell their overarching story and differentiate the two tours without devaluing their current offering.


Brand Strategy and Positioning - Story and Messaging - Brand Identity & Design System - Website Design - Social Campaign - Video Content

Strategy and Positioning

1000 Years in the Making…

Rotorua Canopy Tours is the only place where you can get up close and personal with New Zealand’s ancient forest, and come face to face with towering trees and native flora untouched for centuries.

Research showed that tourists considered Canopy Tours either too adventurous or not adventurous enough – mainly due to the way they told their story. We moved the proposition away from being ‘just a zipline’ – focusing instead on the 1000-year-old ancient forest and an unforgettable journey through time in one of the most intact native eco-systems you’ll find anywhere in New Zealand.

Brand Identity

Layers of Adventure

The brand identity was about showing the diversity of each tour as well as making a hero of the forest itself. A diagonal graphic device was used to split images and create dynamic juxtapositions, supported by clean icons to make key information clearer. New imagery reflects the focus on the scale of the ancient forest, with a multitude of camera angles mirroring the journey through the layers of a tree and adding to the immersive nature of each experience.


A Digital Journey

As the biggest brand touchpoint and sales channel, we partnered with Maverick Digital, New Zealand’s leading Tourism web developers on the new website – integrating the new brand storytelling through a user-friendly journey. Visually, we wanted to tell a story that moved customers through the layers of the canopy, taking them from a bird’s eye view all the way to the ground, with informative content along the way.

Social Campaign

Winning Christmas

To increase the sale of Christmas vouchers we strategically focused on a digital campaign. Our video creative was about creating a sense of destination – using an aerial drone to showcase the forest in all its glory and convince shoppers that their loved ones will be extremely grateful for this amazing gift.