Raw, authentic, unique



One of New Zealand’s oldest and most authentic honey brands, Steens is a company with an unrelenting passion for real, raw, unpasteurised honey. Our brief was to create new packaging that would be tell their unique story to UK supermarket consumers, duty free stores, and online shoppers.


Strategy - Messaging - Packaging Design - Illustration - Creative Retouching - Print Production - Photography


Steens have a specialised extraction process that results in a superior quality end product. Their honey is cold pressed and minimally processed, retaining more whole comb bee bread, which contains most of the nutrients found in Manuka honey.


Using a handdrawn illustration style, we designed an engaging way to communicate their four core propositions – raw unpasteurised, wholecomb technology, certified UMF and traceable origin – allowing consumers to see what makes Steens special at a glance.

Authentic Style

Black and white photography adds to the visual cues of the honey’s authenticity and heritage, showcasing a beekeeper tending to a Steens hive. In contrast, solid colour coding aids consumers in finding the right product from within the Steens range, with the accent colours on gloss contrasting with the textured authenticity of the rest of the label.