Do Little kids do more

Do Little


Do Little kids do more

Do Little is the original mid-mounted bike seat for kids, created by Kiwi entrepreneurs over 20 years ago. The innovative seat safely positions the child up in front of the adult rider, turning an everyday bike ride into a shared adventure.

With the upcoming release of Do Little’s new e-bike version, our opportunity was to refresh the current brand identity and tell an engaging story that connected with parents in an emotive way.


Strategy and Positioning | Story and Messaging | Brand Identity | Video Content | Website Design | Social Media

Strategy and Positioning

Childlike wonder

Although Do Little is marketed to parents its primary user is young children (under 7). We used this insight to play on the magic of Dr Dolittle (being able to interpret what animals were thinking) to imagine what children are thinking while riding with their parents. This first-person journey into the child’s imagination allows parents to emotionally connect with the idea that even though their child might not be able to articulate how excited they are – we can imagine for them.

Brand Identity

That magic feeling

Our approach to Do Little’s identity system was to capture the playfulness of a child’s imagination, supported by simple, bold colour choices. We incorporated hand-drawn illustrations to create patterns that evoke the feeling of childhood drawings – with purple and orange used to separate the original from the new BIGGIE e-bike seat.

Video Content

Magic moments

Storytelling holds the key to capturing the feeling of what Do Little magic means. We put together a range of stories featuring children riding with their parents – focusing on the little moments of magic they share. These small segments allow parents to visualise themselves in similar scenarios, showcasing the power of the seat to create memories that can’t be expressed in words. Brand photography is all about capturing these magical moments in one frame, focusing in on the emotions on the child’s face when riding their Do Little.

Website & Social

The Do Little website is designed to give parents a feel for the product, the amazing people behind it, and the joy it brings to families around the world. We utilised our engaging video content to introduce the magic of Do Little on the home page, with our hand drawn illustrations used throughout the site to create a sense of magic. The brand relaunch was teased through short videos on social media for three weeks in the lead-up to a full website and identity launch.