A brand that reassures

Kathleen Kilgour Centre

A brand that reassures

Define the Problem

New Zealand’s latest state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility required signage that would complement its sleek angular design, while creating a warm, unintimidating environment to support patients on their journey.

Design the Solution

By using a journey motif based on the origins of the name ‘Tauranga’ (‘safe anchorage’), the brand is focused on the idea that the Kathleen Kilgour Centre not only supports patients through their journey with cancer, but actually takes charge and leads them towards better health.

Deliver the Experience

We carried the journey theme through with the logo, using double lines to create pathways linking back to an anchoring point.


Kathleen Kilgour Centre


Brand strategy - Brand identity - Signage - Website - Printed collateral.

Creating A Pathway

Typography reflects the journey theme, creating pathways and networks within the negative space.

Your Anchor In The Storm

Lines are used throughout the brand to reflect that KKC are your anchor.