Making a melon memorable

Enzed Exotics

Making a melon memorable

Define the problem

We were briefed to create a brand identity for New Zealand’s leading horned melon exporter. With such a quirky and fun fruit, the brand needed the personality to match, ensuring a lasting impression on fruit brokers.

Design the Solution

We personified the fruit, embracing its odd appearance and injecting a bit of Kiwi humour to create a larger than life character. This character became a vehicle to introduce the horned melon story, including its New Zealand birthplace and the fun team behind the fruit.

Deliver the Experience

By using minimal layouts paired with bold headings and quirky hero imagery, we ensured all touchpoints convey a top quality product and brand whilst being memorable.


Enzed Exotics


Research - Brand strategy - Identity - Logo - Visual toolkit - Brand photography - Packaging - Website design - Stationery - Labels - Advertising - Brochures


2015 WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards; Best Plain English Website


Larger than life

An unusual fruit with an unusually fruity personality.

All Natural. All Good.

Every touchpoint was inspired by the joy of working with horned melons.