A taste of luxury


Define the problem

After 34 years crafting premium grade Manuka honey, Steens experienced a once in a lifetime occurrence. They collected a batch of the world’s purest honey with a UMF rating of 26+. This extremely rare honey required the perfect blend of environmental conditions – something that had never happened before.

Steens used their unique cold processing techniques and turned this special honey into a rare limited edition run, with only 88 jars.

Design the Solution

We used gold foil and embossing to make the packaging feel as rare as the honey housed inside, turning a simple 200gram jar into a luxurious, handcrafted product.

To reflect the handcrafted, special nature of the honey, owners Paul and Sheryl Steens hand bottled, signed and numbered the product themselves.

People were unable to try before they bought, so we strategically left the label area minimal, allowing the customers to see the pure honey inside.

Deliver the Experience

The main objective was to sell all 88 handcrafted products within three months. We managed to achieve this within the first week.

Due to this unprecedented demand, Steens released a second batch of 250 handcrafted containers. These also sold out within the first week.




Research - Strategy - Product story - In-store display - Packaging

Blink and You'll Miss It

The rapid sell-out rate of these limited edition boxes meant that some DFS stores were sold out before the honey could even reach the shelves.

Beautiful enough to gift

Research showed wealthy Chinese travellers were the main target demographic who would purchase for gifting. The chosen box harked back to a luxurious gift box, much like perfume or jewellery.