The first of its kind

University of The South Pacific

The first of its kind

Define the Problem

We worked with the University of the South Pacific, to design one of the first detailed books on Cook Islands traditions, art and architecture written from a local perspective. This significant book captures a largely oral tradition in a contemporary context and helps the Cook Islands hold on to their culture in an ever-globalising world.

Design the Solution

With 15 islands making up the Cooks, each with a slightly different dialect, culture, and art forms, our challenge was to seamlessly bring their story together. The book is divided into sections based on art form types, which show a marked contrast from each other. The Cook Islands culture is reflected through the use of traditional Cook Island Māori motifs as graphic devices throughout the book, with a unique pattern and colour chosen for each section.


The University of The South Pacific


Research - Design strategy and system - Design

A Celebration of Vibrancy

Colour coded sections burst from the page.

Weaving It All Together

A holistic design approach allows for consistency despite the various authors and stories within sections.