Making building easy

Generation Homes


A brand campaign with personality.

The Generation Homes campaign was developed to inject personality into the brand. The objective was to grow brand awareness and to showcase the easy, stress-free building process.


Creative Concepts - Video Production - Photography - Print Advertising - Digital Creative.

Campaign Creative

Making building easy.

WOODS was briefed to develop a campaign that leveraged the brand name, positioning Generation Homes as the company that make building easy for customers at any stage of the process.

The centre of the campaign was a light-hearted and relatable video capturing defining moments in the lives of different “generations”. This content then formed the basis of all other advertising across print and digital.

Print Advertising

Reaching every generation.

A series of billboards, bus-backs and print advertisements were created to target different demographics throughout New Zealand.

To gain maximum exposure, the photography style was established to showcase mutliple generations together in order to appeal to a wider market.

Digital Advertising

Building online presence.

The campaign video was showcased across social media and digital platforms. Targeted placements included: TVNZ on-demand; NZ Herald online; Stuff; Newshub and YouTube.


Increased brand awareness in all markets across New Zealand.

Created a strong desire internally to support this campaign and see it out in the marketplace.

Generation Homes has been approached by more developers and landowners to start conversations.

The combination of this campaign and the Vision and Values work that we did for them has helped Generation Homes with key pitches for bigger pieces of business.

Generation Homes now have a range of coordinated assets that speak strongly to their key audiences, while also continuing to tell their story.

The campaign elements and phrasing is also woven through internal and social media communications for the business.

The campaign has helped grow awareness for recruitment of new employees, who now have a higher recognition of who Generation Homes are and what they do.