Tauranga Moana to the world

Priority One


Stories that move

Priority One’s purpose is to build a vibrant economy that retains and attracts talented, skilled and creative people and the businesses that need them.

We were briefed to create a video that would attract both talent and businesses to the region by showcasing Tauranga Moana as a progressive, dynamic and desirable location. This brand video would be used to form the basis of a talent attraction campaign, as a key sales tool introducing Priority One and the Tauranga Moana proposition to national and international audiences.


Related by a mindset

The key insight that drove our concept resulted from looking at our target audience as less of a specific demographic and more of a shared mindset. Our goal was to attract talented people of all ages who are looking for a change of scene and want to be part of making a difference in this exciting and emerging city.


A lifestyle beyond compare

The video narrative takes an emotive slant, diving into the psyche and motivations of our desired audience – reassuring them that there is a place where people with drive get their reward. Our story centres on three characters, and their daily routine in a progressive and dynamic city. The three part story cleverly showcases the variety of work and active lifestyle opportunities available, highlighting that there is something for everyone right here in the Bay.

“This video repositions Tauranga Moana as a legitimate player in the tech and agritech space, and most importantly, resonates with the global community of talent we need to reach. We’re ecstatic.”

– Nigel Tutt, Priority One CEO