Celebrating 15 years of kicking ass



Rock out with your socks out!

WOODSOCK was a celebration of 15 memorable years in business. It was a high-concept idea that included a party, an awards evening, a client gift, and the opportunity to share our vision for the future.


Naming - Story and Messaging - Identity & Design System - Video - Printed Collateral & Merchandise - Packaging

The Name

Celebrating 15 years of kicking ass

Our main objective for Woodsock was to invite clients to share a special occasion with us in a way that makes them smile and resonates with the personality of our brand. With a new brand purpose focused on doing better by the planet, it made sense to play off the WOODS name and our love of fashion socks, while paying homage to a tribe of people who left their mark in history.

The Design

An iconic era

Heavily Inspired by the 1969 festival where Jimi Hendrix famously headlined the show, we used album covers and posters from this era to influence the design aesthetic for our own WOODSOCK event, right down to the iconic typeface.

Our hero image is a simple line illustration of our very own Reuben Woods doing his best Hendrix impression. This minimal illustration style was commonly used for magazine covers, posters, and album artwork during the golden Woodstock era.

The Socks

Join the crew

Our gift to guests was more than a humble pair of socks… It was an invitation to be part of the crew, to walk this epic journey with us, but most importantly – to kick some ass. Tie-dyed psychedelic pink and purple hues with a subtle WOODSOCK logo – this timeless footwear says “I’m with the band, how about you?”