October 2, 2023

We did some spring cleaning...

We did some spring cleaning...
...and you should too.

Spring has sprung, and we're not just talking daffodils and baby lambs. It's the season of new beginnings for businesses too. Whether it's an update to your brand messaging or an overhaul of your internal culture, keeping things fresh is key to a healthy work environment.

We took this opportunity to review our culture, vision and values while also physically moving – into what our clients have dubbed 'the best office space in the Mount’. The air is ripe with change, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Blank Canvas: A new space for creativity

We’ve moved literally across the road (from 189 to 188 Maunganui Road) – but at the same time, lightyears into the future. Moving into a new office isn't just about a change of address; it’s about setting the stage for new possibilities. 

This fresh space serves as a canvas for our new vision: ‘an unstoppable force of creative minds solving tomorrow’s problems’. After all, your environment isn't just where you work; it's how you work.

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Purpose: Redefining what’s real

Our mantra, ‘Keep it real’, isn't just a catchy phrase – it's a commitment that becomes more important as AI continues to edge into our lives. Authenticity is no longer a luxury; it's essential. We believe in the irreplaceable magic that human creativity brings. So, as we enter this next chapter, we're doubling down on what makes us human: our creativity, our connection, and our ability to dream big.

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Strategy: Let’s co-create

Business strategies aren't static plans collecting dust on a shelf; they're living narratives that benefit from every voice in the room. In anticipation of our move, we didn't just map out a plan – we built it together – with the whole team involved in a rapid-fire workshop aimed at the next 1-3-5 years. 

It's not about a lone gardener hoping for rain; it's about an ecosystem that thrives on collective care. If your company's compass feels outdated, maybe it's not just spring cleaning you need but a communal garden where strategies can be cultivated.

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Culture: Feeling new vibes

Culture isn’t your annual Christmas party; it's the daily coffee run, the shared Spotify playlist, the inside jokes. When the culture's good, the work's even better. If you're struggling with outdated values or an uninspired team, perhaps it's time for a culture audit.

As for our team? We collaborated on new values that would make even a yoga instructor say, "Whoa, that's deep”.

Big Ideas, Short Pencils: Because every great idea needs crafting.

Challenge Everything: Except gravity, maybe. That one's a bit tricky.

Everyone Matters: Yep, even the guy who only shows up for free cake.

Party at the Back: Who doesn’t love a business mullet?

Better Together: Like bacon and eggs, or Netflix and chill.

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Time for a spring clean?

So here we are, scrubbed clean and feeling like anything is possible. But what about you? If you've been mulling over the state of your work culture, or you're ready for a brand reboot, perhaps it's time to consider your own spring clean.  

We can tell you firsthand that a tidy workspace – and an even tidier strategy – can make all the difference. This could be the season your brand finds its true north. Are you ready? You know where to find us (right across from our old office).

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