Pure Freedom

PureKraft Boats


Define the Problem

While working on a full company rebrand for Hall Marine Design, we identified a new business opportunity that could quite quickly become a very successful innovation. One of their current products – kitset boats – was a separate product which could expand their customer reach if marketed as that. Research revealed that a segment of their audience wanted to embrace their DIY yearnings, but the fear of expenses and a poor result held them back.

Design the Solution

Together with Hall Marine Design, we diversified their offering, creating an entirely new business, brand, and marketing strategy called Purekraft Kitset Boats.

Deliver the Experience

To highlight the expertise that goes into each piece of the kitset boats, we created a brand look and feel influenced by the CNC cutting process. Every touchpoint talked to the freedom that boats bring – go anywhere, do anything, and now even build it yourself.

As part of our marketing launch strategy, we used the Auckland Boat Show to release the new kitset range to the public. The results were outstanding and a steady stream of sales and inquiry has followed.


Hall Marine Design


Brand Positioning and Strategy - Brand Identity - Brand Story and Messaging - Marketing Plan - Digital Strategy and Social Media - Trade Stand and Brochure.

Brand Innovation Creates Success

The marine industry is filled with the same old. Positioning Purekraft as the innovative ‘Ikea’ of boats created cut-through and immediate sales after launch.

Award Winning

Purekraft has received a Best Awards Finalist for consumer product design – pretty good for a brand that’s not even a year old yet.