Sparking the next generation

Young Innovator Awards

Sparking the next generation

Define the Problem

With hordes of children descending on Bayfair during the school holidays, we wanted to introduce hands-on innovation to them in its simplest form – through the creation of paper planes.

Design the Solution

The YIA Paper Plane Make-a-thon encouraged the kids to design and create a paper plane that would fly accurately enough to make it through a small target. The kids had to continually go back to the drawing board – innovating new ways in which they could make their plane better. This promoted an open discussion about innovation – kids were constantly questioning, learning and creating.

Deliver the Experience

Over the course of five days, more than 2,500 kids entered the Make-a-thon and learnt about the YiA Awards. The event was so popular that the display was then taken around schools throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region.


Young Innovator Awards


Event strategy - Design - Printed collateral


The Process of Innovation

The design thinking process was mapped out visually.

Sparking The Next Generation

More than 2500 kids learnt about innovation via the display.