More than wood



Sequal was created to challenge, transform and give more to the future through wood. It’s a company focused on making the world better by design – and a brand that stands for the future, for equality, for a world where sustainability and profitability co-exist.


Culture - Strategy & Positioning - Brand Identity - Brand Development - Content Creation - Environmental - Digital - Photography & Video


United by a vision.

Sequal’s culture and the delivery of an ambitious brand promise are intrinsically linked. Underpinned by a set of behavioural values, each statement was translated from misunderstood virtues like ‘tenacity’ into their own language such as ‘never quit’ – and developed into a story with initiatives to help integrate them within the business.

Strategy & Positioning

Building on a name.

This brand isn’t about the hard sell – it’s about aligning with customers who share the same values of partnership and sustainability for future generations. Sequal’s name became the inspiration for a brand story focused on a more harmonious future, with the mantra ‘give more’ defining their core purpose.

Brand Identity

The power of 3 lines.

Inspired by the concept of urban equilibrium, a triple bar device is the core visual idea for the brand – communicating layers of information and showing that every relationship can be balanced and beneficial to each side – including the planet.


Beyond timber.

The quality product Sequal offers is only the beginning. The true value is in the relationships and careful design of the product lifecycle, customised for each client. The website embodies the brand’s promise to give more to the future, focusing more on philosophy than sales – a unique proposition that sets Sequal apart from all other saw mills.