The Sweet Science of Surfing

The Art of Surfing


The sweet science of surfing

Surfing is an art form and elite surf coaching is a true science. Based in Mount Maunganui, The Art of Surfing is not your average surf school – it’s New Zealand’s only high performance surf coaching service available in person and online. They specialise in technique, video analysis, equipment and competition-based fundamentals.


Brand Strategy and Positioning  -  Story and Messaging  -  Logo and Identity  - Digital Strategy - UI Design - Website

Brand Identity

Balancing craft and technique

With a plethora of small surf schools competing for attention, it was important we show how The Art of Surfing was different. The brand identity we developed was all about communicating the true value in the high performance aspect of the brand. The logo mark is a reflection of this – inspired by the art of crafting a surfer’s personal style, balanced with the science behind mastering the perfect technique. Photography plays a key role in showcasing the brand’s elite positioning, complemented by hand-drawn overlays that reinforce performance coaching.

Website Design

An online business platform

As a web-based business model, it was essential that the website design was intuitive with no barriers to booking a training programme or submitting a video. Navigation and site architecture were strategically planned to anticipate user needs and create a seamless experience.

Thanks to the new website, The Art of Surfing programmes are offered worldwide, from New Zealand to Bali and beyond. With courses, camps and online coaching available, they can now reach surfers all over the globe.