Redefining farming


Tullba is a partnership of forward thinkers with unrivalled success in the farming sector. Founded by FMG Young Farmers of the Year, Athol and Jane New, along with Juliet Maclean and Michael Falconer of Synlait Farms, they’re taking an innovative mindset to what is possible on farms. So is their new brand.


Brand Strategy and Positioning  -  Story and Messaging  -  Logo and Identity - Digital & Website - Print Collateral - Signage 

Data-driven performance

Derived from Jethro Tull (the original science-based farmer) & Alba, which is latin for ‘dawn’ – we created the name Tullba, which stands for the dawning of a new age in agriculture. Tullba’s logo is a reflection of data-driven performance, with the sharpness of technology offset by the softness of humanity. 

The science of nature

Tullba’s design system positions the brand at the leading edge of science and technology – with a radical departure from the industry norm. 

Microscopic focus

Using microscopic images of nature, it hones in on the detail in the science and data to illustrate Tullba’s use of innovation and design thinking to drive performance. 

Connected though photography

Brand imagery shows the connection between people, animals and the land – using golden hour lighting to signal a new dawn in farming.