The air is different here


The air is different here

Define the Problem

When developing the brand for a new boutique residential development in Mount Maunganui, we needed to find a way to conceptualise the developer’s vision of a premium, modern lifestyle residence near the beach.

Design the Solution

We named the development salt. – a reference to the saltwater of the beach, but also the flavour that salt adds to our lives. Messaging focused on ‘the air is different here’ and ‘life tastes better with salt’ to further reinforce the connection with the name.

Deliver the Experience

A dynamic ‘slice of life’ concept forms an important part of the brand identity and showcases the best of nature, people and design that make up the living experience.


SNG Investments No.2


Brochure - Showroom graphics - Sales documents - EDM - Website - Signage

Just A Pinch of Salt

A subtle salt grain texture with a black overlay is a key component of the brand’s visual aesthetic.

The Business of Summer

A contemporary identity that contrasts refined, modern sophistication with a relaxed beach lifestyle.